The end of an era.
The era of soulful music and romantic love,
The era of rap and hip hop, blues and jazz.
The era of soulful insight and crazy love.
Oh, love! That romantic love.
Cards and roses and crafted jewellery box.
Disco date nights and sweaty love.
Long went the time.
The time when drive in movies, park walks, long drives made a date to remember.
Now, we have Netflix and chill. Just Netflix but no chill,
I tell you,
When one of you are on your phone and the other
The other, is waiting… waiting for you to notice them, touch them, love them maybe just watch the movie with them.
But guess what?
It never happens.
The cards, the roses, the jewellery boxes, the kisses, the rides, those sweaty nights and the true love of a lover.
They never come.
But guess what?
The wait never ends.
Reality dies, dreams take no shape.
The Sleeping Beauty sleeps to her grave.
Here comes, the end of an era.
The era of fairy tales.

– Neeti Sharma
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Oh! My pure heart.

This feeling,
I can’t seem to shake it off.
The tyrant head being challenged by a butterfly heart.
The soothing music playing in my ears doesn’t seem to help at all.
Oh! My poor heart.
Seeking refuge in troublesome arms.
Oh! My pure heart.
Oh! My poor heart.

By: Neeti Sharma

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Here I am,
trying to write words that relate to my thoughts,
words that uplift my thoughts,
words that give meaning to my thoughts.
Here I am,
incapable of doing so.
Incapable of giving my thoughts flight,
incapable of making you understand the feeling.
The feeling of fright,
yet so delightful,
the feeling of being scared
and still having the guts to be careless.
Here I am,
starting to enjoy it,
trying to express it.
something stops me.
Maybe because,
some things are better when they are inside,
or, because some things make more sense when you can’t explain it.
Or, maybe even because,
it makes me, ME.
It makes you, YOU,
and when there is a bridge that connects ME and YOU, it makes us, US.

By: Neeti Sharma

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Ask me if you want to know how it feels like to love somebody so dearly, 

Ask me if you want to know how it feels like to be scared,

Ask me if you want to know how it feels like to be confused and dazed, 

Ask me how it feels like to be on top of the world,

Ask me how it feels like to live, 

  Ask me how it feels like to live knowing death is certain, 

Ask me how it feels like to be amazed, 

Ask me how it feels like to feel all of this at once. 

Ask me how it feels to forgive,

Ask me how it feels to forget,

Ask me how it feels to remember your childhood, 

Ask me how it feels like to know you’ve grown,

Ask me how it feels to love someone so dearly,

And don’t forget to ask me how it feels like when that person loves you back. 

By: Neeti Sharma

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Once upon a time,

there was a girl.

A girl who was deeply in love with the perfect man,

made for her,

who loved her just as much.

Now, she is a woman.

A woman who has seen it all,

thanks to the man who loved her, just as much.

By: Neeti Sharma

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Hours passed,

days passed,

weeks and months.

Soon, the year will end too.

She thinks to herself, the only thing constant is change.

She whispers aloud
“Mee too.”

By: Neeti Sharma

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I am yet to see,

the sun rising from where I am standing.

It brings me memories from the past,

and thoughts I never imagined.

Something just crossed my mind a moment back,

of how it must be midnight

in another corner of the world.

Someone might be awake,

like me,

thinking of something else I have never seen.

Maybe,about the Niagara Falls,

the Northern Lights,

or about his estranged lover and how he let them be!

And that he should have never left them,

because, his lover was the best thing that has happened to him,

or, maybe even the worst.

Because, his lover changed him,

molded him,

loved him.

It scares him,

when he thinks of his lover.

It brings back so many beautiful memories.

The night they met at a Gay Club,

in the city of lights, that Halloween night.

Oh! What a night that was.

His lover, he was the most godly being he had ever seen.

How he rocked the cowboy costume and was dancing freely.

He knew just then,

the person he just saw was his.

It was meant to be,

and how could it not be,

the horse head he had on himself proved it.

I smile to myself, what a small yet so huge this world can be.

How I imagine someone’s thoughts sitting thousands of miles away,

even as I am not sure if he exists.

Or, is it just me?

By: Neeti Sharma

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With the speed of the cold breeze,

the adrenaline level in their body rose too.

Now, I can’t find him on the ground,

I don’t see her too.

He took flight just like his dreams,

she managed not to.

By: Neeti Sharma

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On the last day of summer,

by the sight of the setting sun

they swore,

not to meet until tomorrow comes.

By: Neeti Sharma

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